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Vodafone Australia launches RIM's BlackBerry Storm

Darren Murph

For handset lovers over in Australia, we know you've been paying close attention to all the Storm action in other corners of the globe. Now, you can finally make the decision to buy in or keep looking on your home turf, as Vodafone Australia has finally launched RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry. For consumers who signed up early for information on its availability, the carrier has sent out an email offering them exclusive access to order their Storm online (and get a free 8GB microSD card to boot). The email does note that stock is limited, so there's still no telling when they'll be available Down Under to the public at large. We are told that it's being sold as cheap as free on plans starting at $69 per month for two years, so at least you've something to plan towards.

[Via BlackBerry News]

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