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WoW Moviewatch: Darkness II


There's a lot going on in Darkness II by Erunno. It's a longer, story driven piece. According to the author, this installment is a continuation of the first Darkness. (Thus, "II".)

The animation is ample and sufficient for the story-driven purpose of the machinima. While one can always look for more graphic enhancements, sometimes that flash and funk can actually detract from the story that's being told. I think Erunno hit a pretty sweet spot with "Darkness II," by providing a little embellishment (via Model Viewer), but without spending all of his time and energy and on the special effects.

I could have used a slightly faster pacing, personally, but that's entirely a matter of my own preference. Some of the dialogue felt a little forced to me, but that was rare. Overall, "Darkness II" is just a fairly high end piece, which I'd recommend checking out.

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