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GPS-Action puts the "service" in location-based service

Chris Ziegler

The concept's not really new, but it's still kinda new -- and as S60 offerings go, Symbian Guru's GPS-Action looks like just about the most full-featured app of its kind that you can get. What does it do? Users of Android's Locale will feel right at home (or right at office, or the cottage) with GPS-Action, which lets you do pretty much anything your travelin' heart desires based on your current location. You can start another app, set off an alarm, open a website (we recommend Engadget Mobile), turn Bluetooth on or off, change phone profile, and the list goes on; even better, you don't even need GPS to use it -- as long as your set runs 3rd Edition, the app should be able to approximate your whereabouts by cell tower.

[Via All About Symbian]

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