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Mystery title from Monster Games kicks speculation into high gear


Looks like Monster Games -- the folks behind the Wii launch title Excite Truck -- are hard at work on a super secret new project for the console, and have been for a long time. How secret is it? So secret, apparently, that they have to turn down their monitors when unauthorized folks walk into the office. Sounds like anything but an Excite Truck follow-up, eh? There aren't many reasons to keep that a secret. So what could it be? Monster Games only seems to put out racing titles, so we're gonna bet there will be vehicles and high speeds, but that could cover a lot of ground. Some have guessed that it might be an all-new F-Zero, but frankly, we're holding out for something that's really new and not a revival. Not that we wouldn't enjoy a little F-Zero, but we like new things, too.

[Via The Tanooki]

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