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Zelda director won't quit until he surpasses Ocarina of Time

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time turned 10 years old last Friday. Remarkably, even after a decade of technological advances and narrative achievements in gaming, it remains atop Gamerankings' list as the highest rated game of all time. However, if Eiji Aonuma (director of Ocarina and every subsequent Zelda title) has his way, the Hylian N64 classic will be dethroned in his lifetime.

In a recent interview with Nintendo Power, Aonuma expressed his lofty career goals -- he plans to stick with the Zelda series until he creates a title that surpasses Ocarina of Time. This is fantastic news, as Aonuma's continued involvement with the series is likely the only reason we've yet to see a spin-off title featuring a gun-toting Dark Link.

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