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Blockbuster CEO talks up 2Wire MediaPoint, says rentals coming to BD decks in Q1 2009

Darren Murph

Many may still be scratching their heads at why exactly Blockbuster decided to delve head first into the world of digital downloads this late in the game with such a weak (on paper, anyway) offering. CEO Jim Keyes recently sat down with E-Commerce News to clarify a few things, and here's the skinny. For starters, it's not using a pure "streaming" method on the MediaPoint; instead, it's using a "progressive download" in hopes of improving the quality of the experience for those without a pure, continuous connection. Next, it's solely relying on an à la carte way of delivering films in order to bring new releases to the home faster, and if you've taken a look at Netflix's online availability of those very titles, you'll start to see the difference. Potentially most revealing were his quotes on future endeavors, where he candidly admits that its download services will be coming to undisclosed Blu-ray players "by the first quarter of next year." Whether or not the public will actually view that as a selling point, however, remains to be seen.

[Image courtesy of CEOSmack, thanks Anthony]

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