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BMW Product Navigator: create your next Bimmer on a Surface

Darren Murph

It hasn't even been two months since Microsoft loosed its Surface SDK, and already we're seeing new and improved (or is it just one or the other?) uses of the giant multitouch display. In a presumed attempt to keep savvy shoppers off of those message boards and in the dealership, BMW has developed a promotional video showcasing the so-called Product Navigator. Said device reminds us an awful lot of that fictional computer seen the recent "Twins" Volkswagen commercial, though it actually enables prospective customers to develop their next whip rather than taking their John Hancock and doing the hard work itself. Personally, we'd rather spend our time on the track in Spartanburg deciding which model suits us best, but to each his / her own, we guess. Vid's after the break.

[Via Autoblog]

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