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Japanese hardware sales, Nov. 17 - Nov. 23: Unwise purchases edition

We rarely ask any favors of you, dear readers, so we're hoping you'll oblige the following humble request. You see, in the midst of Black Friday's acquisitional frenzy, we may have gotten a tad carried away, making purchases beyond our fiscal means -- and far beyond our typical practicality. What dark forces would drive us to purchase a set of nickel-plated egg beaters, a lifetime supply of Poligrip denture paste, three Razor scooters and the complete Kenny Loggins discography, you may ask? Our damnable, hard-wired frugality.

Our savings accounts now liquidated, we currently find ourselves in a residential crisis. Had we only possessed the foresight to place importance on rent payments rather than kitchen utensils and smooth, smooth music, we may have avoided this predicament. That's where you guys come in -- we either need to pawn off our regrettably obtained goods to pay off our living expenses, or be put in contact with a landlord who will accept the aforementioned odds and ends as apartmental compensation. Surely, someone out there knows of a kind superintendent with unsecure dentures and a proclivity for scooting.

The spending habits of Japan's console-purchasing populous mirrored our own over the past week, with most systems seeing major sales increases. Six of the top ten best-selling titles belonged to Nintendo's handheld -- combined with the limited availability of the DSi, this caused a major bounce-back for the DS Lite. We've sent a congratulatory "Hang in There, Baby" poster in response, though we're not sure the DS Lite will receive it, as it is an inanimate object.

- DSi: 88,843 3,516 (4.12%)
- PSP: 61,226 23,073 (60.47%)
- Wii: 35,298 8,511 (31.77%)
- DS Lite: 18,580 15,021 (422.06%)
- PS3: 17,436 12 (0.07%)
- Xbox 360: 15,474 7,491 (93.84%)
- PS2: 5,281 140 (2.58%)

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