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    Mitsubishi's HC6500 HD projector reviewed: a serious contender

    Darren Murph

    Mitsubishi's 1080p HC6500 has been shipping for just over a month now, but if you've been holding off from unloading $2,500 until you saw a bona fide review, you can finally have a peek and move on with life. CNET was able to wrap its retinas around the expansive image beamed out of this sexy piece of front-projection goodness, and overall, it had incredibly positive things to say. For instance, the deep blacks were applauded, skin tones were "natural," noise wasn't an issue at all and the input selection was quite stout. The only real rubs critics had were that it wasn't perfectly calibrated out of the box and the fact that it's up against some stiff competition -- neither of which are particularly "negative" traits. The bottom line? It's an "excellent all-round performer for the money," or in other words, you can finally commence with that trigger pulling.

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