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    JVC's DVR-packin' LT-26DE9BJ LCD HDTV gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    We're not exactly sure why we're just now beginning to see a rash of new bedroom-sized HDTVs again, but we'll go the safe route and pick "economy." At any rate, JVC's got a unique one on its hands with the LT-26DE9BJ, a 26-inch LCD TV with a 160GB hard drive built-in to handle the PVR duties. The set, which is available now in the UK, also boasts a Freeview tuner and an 8-day EPG. Under scrutiny, the tele held up fairly well, with critics finding the image quality to be "exceptionally sharp" with both SD and HD material. The recording features were also admired, but the "average black levels" kept it from receiving a wholehearted recommendation. Still, if you can manage to find this one for a deep discount (sticker is £500), you just might have a winner on your hands.

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