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    Mitsubishi's soundbar-equipped iSP LT-52149 gets full-on review

    Darren Murph

    When we had Mitsubishi's 1080p iSP LT-52149 HDTV in our own labs for testing, we weren't exactly thrilled with the image quality, particularly the 120Hz shenanigans. The folks over at Home Entertainment saw a lot of the same flaws we did, though they seemed to think the overall package was palatable after a great deal of tweaking. In fact, they outrightly stated that this set "requires more attention during video setup than other high-end LCDs [it had] tested," but it was worth the effort. The soundbar didn't serve as a 5.1-channel surround sound system or anything, but it did treat the ears more so than most integrated speakers. 'Course, SD material looked pretty terrible, but it did make Blu-ray Discs look fairly excellent. Still, the $4,000+ MSRP is slightly ridiculous in this world of low-cost LCDs, and we still can't see enough jaw-dropping positives here to warrant that kind of sticker.

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