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Sonic and the Ludicrous Body Armor


So it has come to this. Sonic and Knuckles, both kitted out in body armor (including some truly laughable headwear on Knuckles), and having it out with swords. Just kill us now.

The latest fifteen screens of Sonic and the Black Knight suggest that Sega has learned nothing from the critical response to Sonic Unleashed. Many reviews heavily criticized the werehog melee sections, but praised the running bits. So why are Sonic and Knuckles now exchanging scimitar swipes?! Sega's fascination with turning Sonic games into some kind of cartoony God of War baffles us.

Mind you, one possible explanation for this trend cropped up in the latest IGN 'Three Red Lights' podcast. Editor David Clayman revealed how Sonic Team has thus far avoided making a Sonic game featuring only running stages because it would last around three hours, such is the hedgehog's speed (full transcript here). In which case, may we politely suggest a WiiWare Sonic game?


[Screens via press release; Indoor Heroes link via Go Nintendo]

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