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The Behemoth still tinkering with that Castle Crashers patch

Jason Dobson

The fact The Behemoth's fun, but undeniably broken Castle Crashers hasn't yet been patched boggles the mind. More than two years after the game's initial reveal, what players are left with is a crippled 1200 icon on their dashboard and months of promises for something better down the road. Not good enough guys, not even close.

Our sister site, Xbox 360 Fanboy, stepped up and asked The Behemoth point blank what's the hold up, to which they were treated to the same sort of non-information we've been reading for months. Yes, a patch is coming, and the devs say they are working to "get the title update out as quickly as we can." Also, the patch is "definitely reaching the end of the process," though a release date remains unknown. We've reached out to The Behemoth to see if we can find out more, but come on guys. Some things bend your line of credulity. Others, like this fiasco, just break it right in two.

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