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TrekStor rolls out MovieStation pocket c.uc portable hard drive


Well, it looks like those that found TrekStor's MovieStation maxi t.u. hard drive a bit too bulky for their taste now have a new option to consider in the form of the company's new MovieStation pocket c.uc, which packs many of the same media-friendly features, plus a memory card slot (SD, MMC, and xD) for some added convenience. As you can see above, you'll also get a remote to control the device when it's hooked up to a TV (via composite or component), and you'll get support for most of the audio and video formats you'll likely want -- yes, including DivX and Xvid. No word on a release 'round here just yet, but folks in the UK can apparently grab a 250GB version now for £99.99 (about $150) or a 500GB drive for £139.99 (roughly $215).

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