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ACA backs Cable One's request to use one-way HD STBs

Darren Murph

You won't find us supporting anything that holds back progress in the high-def realm, but Cable One sure is putting forth a convincing argument with its recent waiver request to use simple, one-way HD set-top-boxes rather than the sophisticated two-way units currently required under FCC regulations. For those unaware, the two-way mandate is meant to free consumers from the tight grasp of the cable operator, enabling them to easily use off-the-shelf two-way STBs should they choose. Cable One asserts that the costs are simply too prohibitive for smaller carriers, and it has pledged to add in 50 HD networks at no additional charge should its request be granted; better still, it has promised to fully support any CableCARD devices purchased by customers. The American Cable Association (ACA) has already pledged its support in the movement, though the CEA isn't going to take this one lying down. This one should be interesting to watch.

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