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Brandish remake headed for the PSP

Alan Tsang

Falcom is remaking old school action RPG Brandish for the PSP, according to Dengeki Online. The game made its original debut in Japan on the PC, but Americans will be most familiar with the Super Nintendo port released in 1995. The PSP remake is renamed Brandish: The Dark Revenant , and puts you in the shoes of a swordsman named Ares who ends up in a multi-level dungeon with a scantily-clad sorceress chasing after you.

This blogger actually owns the game on the SNES, but didn't finish it due to the awkward controls and steep learning curve -- hopefully this 3D remake will address those issues. The game will be released in Japan on March 19th -- Siliconera reports that Atlus is in talks currently working with Falcom, so we might actually see this in your neck of the woods.

[Via Siliconera -- thanks, David B.!]

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