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MMO Rappelz changes imagery, themes to meet Middle-Eastern customs

Michael Zenke

The issue of localization is a thorny one when it comes to MMOs, because often content, looks, and story are so intertwined. While some developers swear by the concept of creating content aimed directly at the local culture, others make only minor (or no) changes to their games when moving into new areas. The South Korean free-to-play MMO Rappelz is making plans to move to the Middle-Eastern market, and developer Gala is working with the company Game Power 7 to make unprecidented localization modifications.

According to TechRadar, nearly every element of Rappelz is going to see changes. Background music, costumes worn by the avatars (especially the female avatars), and even the noises that the monsters make will all see changes. The company will also make an effort to remove non-Muslim holy symbols, such as crosses. The resulting game is slated for release in some 19 countries, including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egpyt.

[Via Gamepolitics]

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