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Pace-built Comcast Digital Transport Adapter gets unboxed

Darren Murph

We know, this whole "digital age" is quite confusing, but what you're looking at above is one of the first Digital Transport Adapters (a Pace DC50X) doled out by Comcast. First and foremost, this box has nothing to do with the impending analog shutoff of broadcast networks in February of next year; instead, Comcast (like many other programming providers) is choosing to push many markets to "all digital" in order to free up bandwidth currently hogged by analog stations. Enter the DTA, which is being used to allow older TVs to still receive channels without the need for a pricey HD DVR. Even the unboxer notes that it's pretty unimpressive, but check the gallery in the read link if you're so inclined.

[Thanks, cypherstream]

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