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Holiday profiling: Xbox 360 is perfect gift for Hispanics, Microsoft survey finds


The results of the first-ever Xbox 360 Hispanic Holiday Entertainment Survey are in! And wouldn't you know, Xbox 360 is the perfect fit for the Hispanic persuasion1. Did you know:
  • More Hispanics want a gift that brings their family together (89% vs. 64% of general population)
  • More Hispanics are looking for gifts that people can enjoy throughout the year (95% vs. 85% of general population)
  • More Hispanics are looking for affordable ways to entertain their family over the holidays (85% vs. 81% of general population)
  • Many more Hispanics would rather buy one gift for their whole family than spend money on lots of individual gifts (83 % vs. 52% of general population)
  • Lips en Español features 17 songs in Spanish by artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Belanova, Fanny Lu, La Factoria, Luis Miguel, Pimpinela and Selena (42.5% less songs than the all-English version!)
How do these compelling figures all add up? We're glad you asked! You see, Xbox 360 is the one, affordable gift that brings the family together throughout the year. In short, not buying an Xbox 360 this holiday season is simply Un-Hispanic.

(1) Hispanic persuasion is hereby defined as: the results of an Ipsos phone survey with a national representative sample of 533 Hispanic adults living in the U.S.; or roughly .001% of the estimated total U.S. Hispanic population (45.5 million) as of July 1, 2007.

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