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Jeffrey Stephenson impresses with another wood grained, retro casemod

Tim Stevens

Last time we heard from Jeffrey Stephenson he had crafted an art deco-styled casemod that, spiritually at least, brought us back to the watery confines of Bioshock. He's back with another classic-looking device, dedicating this one to Ingraham Cabinet Co., creator of many a fine walnut-ensconced radio case in the WWII era. His Ingraham case mod is similarly walnut-clad (though veneered) with a hand-built basswood frame layered atop an otherwise mid-grade mini-ITX SilverStone case. The focal point is a finely polished chrome knob on the front that Harley riders might recognize from an Arlen Ness catalog, perched atop a final retro flourish: a Firewire 400 port. Inside (pictured below) things are rather more modern: a VIA VB8001 mobo, a (rarely seen in the wild) 1.6GHz Nano processor, 4GB of DDR2 memory, a 64GB SSD, and not a single vacuum tube.

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