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MSU's Winboni robot cleans windows, wins awards

Tim Stevens

We don't get out too often (blogger skin burns easily); the closest to the great outdoors we come is squinting longingly through windows gone opaque thanks to lack of cleaning. We'd nearly resigned ourselves to a life lived of dim illumination, but now have new hope thanks to Winboni, an award-winning prototype robot from four mechanical engineering students at Michigan State University. The 5 x 5-inch bot uses a fan to stick to the window (not unlike like Takara Tomy's wall-climbing AeroSpider, makes a great gift), and relies on two AA batteries to motor itself around the window, scrubbing all the while. We definitely like the concept and its promise of extra light for our dwellings, but until this thing can find a way to get from one pane to the next without us having to get out of our chairs we'll sadly have to keep squinting through the grime.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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