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One Shots: Happy Prestige refund day!

With Issue 13 hitting the live City of Heroes and City of Villains servers yesterday, many of the players who are fond of base building were immensely happy to see a refund of Prestige; the "cash" that allows players to buy more goodies for their base. (Or in some cases, larger bases!) Of course, the down-side to this is that base builders are still relegated to using magic desks during base building to float objects for now. Today we're showing off a screenshot taken by this blogger - who admits she's a total base-building fiend - having a quick sit-down break between stacking layers of desks to the ceiling. The mission creator in Issue 14 (and hopefully the items to help us float objects in bases easier) can't come fast enough for us!

We love to see what people have done with guild housing, supergroup bases, and more! So if you've built up something cool, why not snap some screenshots of it and send that in to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com! Add in a quick description of what we're seeing (or a longer one if you want to explain your cool building tricks) what game it's from, and your name. We'll show it off to our readers, and your work will get a larger audience than just your group of friends and allies.

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