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The Queue: Trinkets, sigils and death by Orcs

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

It's Wednesday, which I've determined is the worst day of the week ever, so let's skip any delays today and jump right into the Q&A. If you disagree that Wednesday is the worst, you are wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. As wrong as you could possibly be. Just sayin'.


I recently got my warrior to level 71 and I really miss my riding crop especially since my main is a pally going at normal speed feels really slow. Is there a way to get my 10% speed increase back?

Yes. Reroll and stop leveling before you hit 71. But seriously, no, there isn't. You could try to mash your Warrior and your Paladin together to make one larger character with Crusader Aura, a Pallior or a Warridin, but I think the resulting mass of flesh would be considered an abomination unto the Light and need to be killed for the good of Azeroth. You're out of luck. No +10% movement speed for you. Sorry!


I have never played a Horde character and I have always been somewhat mystified about the precise relationship between the Horde and Alliance from a game playing point of view. During a trade a once got in a conversation with a Paladin who was in the Undercity! Every time I go near that place some 65 level guard kills me. Furthermore, when you look at the Classic Dungeonmaster Achievement, you have to complete both the Horde and the Alliance Dungeons. So you have to be able to get into the Horde areas as Alliance. How? As I said, I really don't understand how this works because whenever I get near Horde areas, I die.

That Paladin was just good at hiding. If you want the achievement for Ragefire Chasm, the instance in Orgrimmar, you're going to need to 'corpse hop' like other readers mentioned yesterday. Run as deep into the city as you can before you die. Run back from the graveyard, repeat. Not especially complicated, but also not necessarily fun either. There's a trick that comes with one specific quest that will allow you to run around in Orgrimmar 100% untouched, but it's a limited time only deal. I don't want to spoil the quest for everyone by blurting it out, but if you don't mind spoilers, just follow this link. The quest I'm referring to comes directly after that.

Krugeroff asked...

What about the sigil that Death Knights have in the relic slot? Are there going to be more? Every other class that uses this slot for a relic has an upgrade, but I've seen nothing for Death Knights and the Armory's "find an upgrade" option has nothing.

Yes, there will be more, as Ghostcrawler mentioned in his hefty Death Knight post yesterday. You won't be stuck with the one you got at level 56 forever.

Pyril asked a pair(il, bahaha) of questions...

The portal in Stormwind by the flower vendor has been rumored to be a player housing zone. Is player housing ever going to be added in game?

Probably not. Blizzard's usual response to it is maybe they'll do it one day, but it's not high on their priority list. So no, we probably aren't going to see it, as sad as it makes me. Personally I'd be just fine with Guild Housing over Player Housing (maybe even happier that way), but I don't think we'll see that, either.

As a fun little note, they actually did do a little bit of work on player housing way back before WoW even launched, but it was dropped and I don't think they've touched it since.

With all the low level quests I missed making a Death Knight, is there a way to get these quests to show up as ! as they come into range, or an addon that will point them out?

No need for addons, you can just turn on Low Level Quest Tracking in the basic UI. You can find the little tracking button up by the minimap. The only downside to this is you can't have Find Herbs or things like that turned on at the same time. One or the other.
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