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ZeroWire 2.0: Wireless 1080p for less than $50 per device


Apparently through with its legal issues, Tzero's decided now is the time to show its second generation UWB-based wireless HDMI technology. ZeroWire 2.0 is sending out 1080p (24/56/30/60fps) video with 16ms or less "sub-frame latency" suitable for lag-free high definition gaming, 7.1 audio support, and 480Mbps transfer rate with ranges of greater than 20 meters. The most important number is a $50 per unit price, with all that wireless magic performed via UltraMIMO signal technology and h.264 compression (replacing the old JPEG2000 system seen in Hitachi's Wooo HDTVs and Gefen wireless extenders) in the TZC7200 chipset. Impress Watch caught one of the demos currently going on in Japan and were told this is well below the price of other technologies like Wireless HD and WHDI, while enjoying wirelessly connected gaming on conveniently located PlayStation 3 consoles. With the previous generation's external antennas also getting the ax, we'll see if a leaner, cheaper technology can stand up to the competition (and convince us there's a reason to play Rock Band from way across the room) next year.

[Via Tzero]

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