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Breakfast Topic: Should raid progression even be tracked anymore?


With the ease of Wrath of the Lich King raiding we're seeing guilds kill boss after boss at an alarming rate. And I'm not just talking about 5-man heroic bosses (those seem a bit hard, actually). I'm not even talking about 10-man bosses (easy cake). I'm talking about the big bad sorry excuse for a boss that is 25-man raiding.

Some guilds can roll their face over the keyboard and kill something.

Others just have their cat play with the mouse and keyboard for a couple hours.

Still others are hiring 25 monkeys to sit in a room together clapping their hands while throwing feces at the screen. The occasional flick of their tail hits the keyboard and presses any of the numerous iWin buttons currently in game that automatically kills a level 83 mob. While the monkeys are doing this and other disgusting acts, they're also writing Shakespearian dramas, fixing the economy, bailing out the auto industry and homeowners, and ending all wars through creating world peace.

This is what 25-man raiding has become. It's so easy a caveman monkey could do it!

Do boss kills even count for anything anymore? Not really, no.

And at that should we even bother tracking them?

I'm not talking about the kind of tracking when Ensidia cleared all of Wrath raiding in under three days from release. I'm talking about the hundreds and thousands run-of-the-mill guilds currently downing boss after boss in 25-man progression raids.

Clearing content quickly after release used to mean something. It used to mean that you had a well organized and oiled machine, that everyone was on the same page to level quickly and professionally, that everyone and their cousin Roman had quality friends/players in the guild so you'd always have 25 people early on.

Now it's just a race to see how many 80s you can squeeze into a single room. Ideally you'll end up have 23 to 25 folks at level 80 ready to hand their accounts over to those Mr. Hankey flinging monkeys, which will then take over raiding.

That is hardly progression, and thus I ask you dear reader, does that progression hardly deserve to be tracked?

Edit: It should be noted that the point here is to look at what the raiding scene has become in a satirical way. Doing so shows that efforts of the past such as tracking progression are essentially no longer needed. My contention is that tracking progression is a meaningless pursuit in that if everyone has cleared Naxx, who cares or needs to display it? The point is not to insinuate or otherwise state that people are "worse than monkeys" or place one way of playing the game above another.

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