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Confirmed: MadWorld with color would suck


How important are MadWorld's black-and-white visuals? According to producer Atsushi Inaba, the game looked "kind of subpar" when Platinum Games tried coloring it in. "MadWorld is very much based on American-style comics, so we added some color to see how it was going to look," Inaba told 1UP. "Adding color really didn't do anything for it. We got rid of it."

And by "got rid of it." Inaba means completely. A Technicolor version won't even be available as an extra, so if you were kind of curious about seeing MadWorld with added pinks and greens, tough cheddar. We advise consoling yourself by reading 1UP's full interview with Inaba and director Shigenori Nishikawa -- especially as it features hot new screens of the game's "Asia Town" level.


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