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Haier's Ibiza Rhapsody Sport plays audio and video, fails to impress


The ibiza Rhapsody was one of those curious devices that spent so long in development that by the time it saw the light of day, the rest of the world had moved on to bigger and better things. Sure, we liked the device in theory (WiFi, Bluetooth, and support for Rhapsody and AOL Video are all good things), but its Gameboy-esque looks and mere 30GB storage pretty much guaranteed that it would never be a hit. Unfortunately, a quick look at Haier's new, "sportier" PMP doesn't give us much reason to reconsider the device. Aside from a rugged and weather-resistant new look (is "uglified" a word?), all it seems to offer us is diminished storage capacity. But wait -- all you ever wanted was a plastic orange MP3 player? Then it looks like you're in luck -- the 4GB model sells for $179, while the 8GB size will set you back a cool $199.

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