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iZ3D's 22-inch 3D monitor stoops to $399

Darren Murph

iZ3D's been doing the whole "3D monitor" thing for years now, with its first baby -- a 17-incher -- ringing up at $1,499 back in 2005. In the latter part of last year, you may recall that a 22-inch version emerged for $999, and now that 3D is all the rage, it's making a second push to clear out all that dusty inventory by lowering the price in dramatic fashion. As of this month, the MSRP on the switchable 3D / 2D display is just $399, and that includes three pairs of passive linear polarized glasses, all the power and video cables you need and gratis membership in the firm's "upcoming 3D gaming league." Oh, and if you're feeling fancy, you can snag a custom-painted model from Smooth Creations at $549 apiece. So, any takers yet? Or are we holding out for free-after-rebate?

[Image courtesy of ICEAV]

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