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Konami casts new Suikoden screens


Say a warm "O HAI" to another eighteen screens of Suikoden Tierkreis. The 3D work in Konami's title might struggle to match the likes of, say, Phantasy Star Zero, but it still looks lovely. Commence gawking here!

A quick recap of this, in case it slipped your mind: you play as one of 108 heroes. All 108 are attempting to slay the main antagonist, "The One King," and each works independently of the others. Every hero will be fully interactive, and can be recruited to your party, which is limited to four characters at a time.

There's also a promising online mode planned for the March release, and ... some not-so-promising voice-acting (make the jump to see what we mean).

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[Screens via press release: video via IGN]

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