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MCV: Square Enix considering Eidos acquisition; Warner's still in it

Honestly, we're starting to lose track. In what we can only imagine is routine for its flagship heroine, Lady Croft, Eidos (née SCi) is being courted by a gaggle of interested suitors, ranging from the longtime admirer Warner Bros. Interactive, to recent newcomers EA and Ubisoft, and now ... Square Enix?

MCV reports the Japanese gaming giant is looking more to the West than ever, not only starting Square Enix LA – a new US-based studio – but also considering an acquisition of Eidos to rival current acquisition front-runner WBIE. While MCV's anonymous source thinks "Warner's [acquisition bid] will still win" MCV speculates that "Square Enix could opt to buy single assets – perhaps just IO and the Hitman brand," whom SE president Yoichi Wada "has already visited." Let's just hope that whoever acquires Eidos and all of her assets takes good care of them. It's not just Lara and Hitman ... we've got Deus Ex 3 to consider, you know.

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