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Mirror's Edge Time Trial DLC coming in January


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Has there been a more difficult, frustrating and incredibly satisfying challenge this year than the time trials in Mirror's Edge? We think not -- least of all when we end that spectacular string of wallruns, coil jumps, slides and vaults with a 100 miles-per-hour concrete face plant. EA and developer DICE is hoping that the "just one more go" feeling will extend to your purchasing habits, as they've just announced the forthcoming release of downloadable content for the frantic first-person runner.

Slated for release in "late January" for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, the "Pure Time Trial Map Pack" will add nine races on seven "all-new and totally redesigned" stages. Which, judging by the trailer (check it out below!) and screenshots, is putting it rather mildly. Three questions, though:

How much will it cost?

$10 or 800.

Wait... when is the PC version out?

January 13th in North America and January 16th in Not North America.

What happened to that "exclusive" PS3 DLC? I gave up anti-aliasing for that!

"As an added bonus, all PlayStation 3 Mirror's Edge fans will be able to download an additional map for free." See? Additional map! Added bonus! Exclusive!

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