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Open Air Cinema brings its 16x9-ft projection screen to market

Steven Kim

Open Air Cinema's seasonal timing on bringing out its 16x9-ft inflatable projection screen is a bit off, but who knows -- maybe picking one up now will give you something to look forward to once the ground thaws. Or, be our guest and set up what's billed as "the largest screen available for backyard use" in the snow, call the neighbors over and break out the hot cocoa. For $999, you'll get a 220-inch screen that should put an end to any arguments about who has the biggest TV, and -- mercifully -- a blower that will inflate the rig in seconds so you can spend time getting the projector (not included) set up "just so." We figure that if you're going to be outside, you might as well splurge on the largest screen, but there are also 12-foot and 9-foot versions available for $599 and $449, respectively.

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