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Preview Wii Speak Channel and a puppy with these screens


Thanks to the Japanese launch of the Wii Speak Channel, we can now see a bit of a preview of what's coming up for the rest of us (tomorrow in Europe, ??? in North America) in the world of talking at our TVs. Nintendo has opened their Wii Speak Channel page, featuring screenshots of the Channel's features, like the "puppy" feature in the screen above!

Well, actually, it's the photo sharing feature, which allows photos loaded from an SD card to be shown during chat. Also pictured: the Channel's voice message function, which allows players to record voice messages for Wii Friends and send them to the Message Board. This results in a text message on special a Wii Speak Channel background with the note "This message was recorded by your friend using the Wii Speak Channel." We always get an Animal Crossing vibe from special "stationery." If you'd like to see more of this Channel, a video is also available at the Japanese site.

[Via Famitsu]

Ever since it was revealed back at E3, WiiSpeak has been the talk (both good and bad) of the town. Check out our hands-on time with the device, as well as the details you may have missed on the WiiSpeak Channel. Plan on picking one up? Then you might want to check out Game Night, where you'll surely be able to chat with your fellow Wii lovers in the future.

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