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Sprint's Samsung Instinct offers corporate calendar access, likely mocked by BlackBerry-toting coworkers

Chris Ziegler

As part of an upgrade to Sprint's Mobile Email Work package -- which already offers corporate email access for those who refuse to capitulate and buy a stuffy BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device -- the Instinct is now capable of synchronizing work calendars with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino servers. It's pretty comprehensive, too; users can accept or decline invitations, shuffle appointments around, change details, and delete stuff when that 7AM "status meeting" just feels totally unnecessary. The support is included at no charge for Instinct users, though a software upgrade is required -- which, because you're not at the mercy of Tommy the power-tripping BES admin, you can download and install at will. Imagine that! Oh, and if you don't own an Instinct, Sprint plans on filtering the support down to some of its "non-PDA" phones down the road, so hang tight.

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