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TiVo: Uh, please ignore that Amazon HD menu thing, we're just testing


We heard from TiVo's PR firm regarding that mysterious "Available in High Definition" menu pick discovered yesterday under Amazon's streaming Video on Demand service. The message says,
"The Amazon HD link pulled in screengrabs has already (or soon will be) removed. TiVo is continually testing different screen presentations and options for subscribers, but at this time we have nothing to announce, and don't expect to making an announcement on this subject in the near future."
If you accept the spin at face value (which we never do) then we shouldn't expect to see HD streaming of Amazon videos in the hours ahead. But for TiVo to admit that it tests its user interface in such a haphazard way on its production service offering really has us scratching our heads. We guess it's easier for TiVo to quell an irate customer services organization than to suffer the wrath of a business partner whose cards they just potentially revealed.

Update: We've been in contact with TiVo again. They further elaborated on the incident and we now believe this to be a genuine mistake and not a preview of what might come in the near term. If we told you why, we'd have to hire you.

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