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WiiWare manga releases next month, has English text


Remember Sunsoft's plans to start releasing manga over WiiWare? After several months of hearing diddly-squat, we've finally got confirmation that Princess Ai will be the first title delivered through the service. On January 6, Japanese Wii owners will have access to the first three chapters for 500 Wii points. Subsequent chapters will be released in pairs for 200 points a time. At fifteen chapters long, that means Princess Ai will set you back 1700 points, a pretty competitive price when compared to the paper-based version.

Better still, one of the comic panels released by Sunsoft reveals subtitles in English -- Siliconera speculates that this could mean Sunsoft plans to localize its WiiWare manga viewer in the west. If that goes well, who knows what else could come our way?

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[Via Siliconera]

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