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Big Download is giving away this gaming PC

Talk about perfect timing: the economy is in the crapper; the holiday rituals are bleeding you dry; and your 486DX2 is having trouble keeping up during those late-night Left 4 Dead sessions. But don't lose hope! Our PC-inclined cousins at Big Download are giving away an iBuyPower Paladin F870-SB rig, sporting the latest Intel Core i7 processor technology, 1TB of hard drive space, 6GB of RAM, two ATI 4870 video cards, 8-channel surround sound, a Blu-ray drive and a 20.1" Sceptre widescreen monitor – worth approximately $2500.

Don't want to drop any of your rapidly evaporating loot on something like this? Hit up Big Download to learn how to enter. You'll have until Monday, December 8th to get your entry in, so that's enough time to procrastinate just a little bit longer but not too long, okay?

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