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Hiii! Demonstrating the Wii Speak Channel voice message process [update]


The Wii Speak Channel is out in Europe today, as is the actual WiiSpeak microphone. A helpful early adopter named Butulino has taken video footage of the "Canale Wii Speak" in action, so the rest of us can see what we have to look forward to ... whenever Nintendo of America gets around to offering the channel oh, hey, right now! As a bonus, you can also see some guy's friend code.

This video shows the channel's voice message capability, through which short (10 seconds or less) clips can be recorded and sent to Wii friends' Message Boards. Cleverly, the Channel allows you to bundle a picture with a message, so you can take a picture of that stringfish you caught in Animal Crossing and send it with a taunting message about, you know, how your friend has yet to catch a stringfish.

The Channel also allows users to warp their voices, in a feature similar to one found in the DSi's sound functionality -- which further cements the connection between the DSi's features and UI design and the Wii Menu.

[Update: it's up in North America! Nintendo almost succeeded in completely suppressing news of an available service, but not quite!]

[Via GoNintendo]

Ever since it was revealed back at E3, WiiSpeak has been the talk (both good and bad) of the town. Check out our hands-on time with the device, as well as the details you may have missed on the WiiSpeak Channel. Plan on picking one up? Then you might want to check out Game Night, where you'll surely be able to chat with your fellow Wii lovers in the future.

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