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Issue 13 brings free weekend for players

Curious about the changes that Issue 13 has brought in, but not sure if you want to reactivate your City of Heroes or City of Villains account? Well, if so, you're in luck! The good folks at NCNC are eager to show off all the new goodies that were added with Issue 13, and have thrown open the doors to Paragon City, inviting back all former Heroes and Villains who have accounts in good standing.

All returning players will be treated to a "freespec" - or free respec, as well as a free tailoring session, enabling players to take advantage of the cool new costume options. Beyond that, there's new Cimerora and Midnight Squad story arcs to check out; new powersets; the option to have two builds enabling players to have a "solo" and "party" build - or a PvE and PvP build they can switch between; the Leveling Pact option if you're rolling a new character with a friend; and a bunch more to read over.

Of course, there's also the addition of Day Jobs to enjoy, but that works when you're logged out. We're sure you won't want to miss a minute of your free time checking out all the great new content City of Heroes has to offer!

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