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Lumines Supernova dropping this 'winter'


Following today's earlier revelation of an LBP skin for Lumines Supernova (watch it in action above!), Q Entertainment has officially dated the PSN game for "winter." In fact, a press release claims Supernova is "arriving this month" (December), despite another listing, in the same release, suggesting a more general time frame: Winter 2008/2009.

Originally slated for fall, Supernova brings a pair of new modes to the familiar puzzle, Sequencer and Dig Down, along with several "fresh skins" (ew, that sounds kinda gross). While network play has been ruled out, Supernova includes a local 2-player battle mode, and hunting down its Trophies -- confirmed! -- should keep the blocks droppin' and beats poppin' for quite some time.

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