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Trimble introduces GPS-equipped Juno SB and Juno SC workforce handsets

Darren Murph

Trimble might not be the first mobile manufacturer that comes to mind for average consumers, but those in the construction biz probably have it on speed dial. The outfit has just unleashed a new duo of rugged, field-ready handsets in the Juno series: the GPS-equipped Juno SB and Juno SC. Both units also feature WiFi, Bluetooth, a 3-megapixel camera, 533MHz processor, 128MB of onboard memory, microSDHC slot, 3.5-inch display and a battery good for at least a day of toiling; if you're looking for 3.5G data support, you'll need to select the SC for that. The pair runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 and is available now, though there's no public mention of pricing details.

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