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Howdy, I'm a Mac.

Aron Trimble
Hello fellow Apple fans & TUAW readers! Yes, I'm from Texas, and I'm sure it's much more a pleasure for me to be writing this than for you to be reading it. While I was exposed to Macs in elementary school I really did not "get it" until I bought my first iPod (third-generation, 40GB). Shortly thereafter I stumbled upon TUAW after reading articles on Hack a Day about installing Linux on my unknowing iPod. Fast forward a few years and my entire immediate family are all owners of some form of MacBook, iPhone and/or iPod.

I currently spend my days working for a software company specializing in enterprise management applications. It is neither glamorous nor entertaining and it keeps me chained to a Windows environment. It does however allow me to work with people while troubleshooting issues as well as developing technical documents about our software. In my free time I can often be found reading TUAW and many other fantastic websites as well as occasionally posting articles to my own site aron cares.

I am passionate about Apple, technology and the many web communities about them. I also enjoy photography and have a slight addiction to all things home theater and HD. I am very much looking forward to being a part of the TUAW team and being able to contribute in my own way as well as reading what you all have to say.

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