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China Digital TV teams with Microsoft on Vista-friendly PC-TV tuner

Darren Murph

For those that have been paying any level of attention to the TV revolution in China, this here partnership won't come as a shock at all. As the nation continues to push for widespread adoption of TV viewing (it's for the kids, folks), China Digital TV has teamed with none other than Microsoft in order to bring to market a Vista-compatible PC-TV tuner. According to the release, the solution will "allow computer users throughout China to watch and record scrambled digital cable television programming on their PCs." The device itself is based on a DVB-C digital IC, enabling it to receive digital cable television programming and "decode the encrypted television signals through the conditional access module." Sadly, there's no mention of a price (nor an image), but we are told that it's being deployed by cable companies as well as PC / STB manufacturers right now.

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