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India DTH players look to high-def to differentiate

Darren Murph

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If you've been content just focusing on sectors in your own nation, you may have missed all the DTH congestion in India. At last count, there are five different satcasters serving the country, and now some are making accelerated pushes to get high-def programming on the air in order to stand out. A recent report from New Delhi asserts that Dish TV and Sun Direct are both hoping to add high-definition content in separate tiers within "the next few months." Specifics are relatively scant, but Indians can probably expect between 10 to 15 HD stations for a modest (read: totally worthwhile) premium. Other sources have noted that Tata Sky, Big TV and Airtel should follow suit, though specific time lines weren't mentioned. Better get that HDTV soon, Indians -- you've got high-res content just around the bend.

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