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Lord of the Rings Online weekend server difficulties

Tateru Nino

Some of Turbine's servers for Lord of the Rings Online Online have been undergoing issues, apparently stemming from unduly high loads on Saturday evening. At least that's when everything seemed to start going wrong. Initially, it was just the usual lag effects, then zones began to freeze on some servers, and the game suffered some minor rollbacks of as much as ten or fifteen minutes after an unexpected crash or emergency reboot.

Several servers were affected (the busiest ones, we're guessing), but the worst affected is Brandywine. Brandywine's South Bree zone broke entirely -- no doors could be traversed, and parts of the town were just plain missing -- necessitating an emergency shutdown of the server. Turbine has been laboring to restore systems, and Brandywine should be coming up around about now. Elendilmir and Landroval servers will be down for an hour from 11AM US ET for emergency maintenance.

Be warned, that it might be a rocky day in Eriador and Rhovanion -- and it isn't all the work of the Witch King and Sauron this time.

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