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Midway wins Psi-Ops copyright infringement lawsuit

Earlier last year, screenwriter William L. Crawford III sued Midway, claiming they had stolen the plot, characters and designs featured in his 2001 screenplay, titled Psi-Ops, for their 2004 action game ... titled Psi-Ops. We kinda see the similarities therein, and were fairly certain Crawford would leave the courtroom with 1.5 million of Midway's dollars in his pocket.

We were wrong. Not only about Crawford's ability to carry $1.5 million in his pants (the logistics of which are, well, impossible), but also about how the presiding judge would rule in the case -- according to Kotaku, federal Judge Florence Marie-Cooper recently decided that there was "minimal evidence supporting a reasonable possibility" that Midway had stolen any ideas from Crawford's screenplay, clearing Midway of the copyright infringement charges. That's $1.5 million that Midway no longer has to worry about paying out. Now, about that other $150 million...

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