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Mythic putting off Warhammer expansion work to focus on live game

Michael Zenke

In a lengthy thread over at the VN boards, players began offering up a number of thoughts about what they'd like to see in the first expansion to Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online. They had a couple of great ideas, too, with thread-starter DiscipleofWar suggesting it focus on the fabled Land of the Dead. That would allow players to come up against the forces of the Tomb Kings, fun objective-based gameplay for each faction, and even the introduction of a new third 'Dogs of War' army that will allow players to play ruthless mercenaries.

Surprisingly, Mark Jacobs dropped in to add his own view on the conversation. Mr. Jacobs states that they are actually not working on the expansion at all right now, other than in theoretical design work. The reason is very straightforward: "We are not pushing an XPack out the door at the expense of WAR. And once we begin work on an XPack, it's going to take us quite a while to do it." They don't want to take away from the tuning problems and issues that Warhammer currently has just to push on to an expansion. Good on you, Mythic! Music to the players' ears, we imagine.
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