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XBLA's Quarrel will Countdown to a Risky Scrabble

Denki, the Dundee-based developer behind the well-received GBA puzzler Denki Blocks, might just be the Girl Talk of board game mash-ups. Their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, Quarrel, is an amalgam of three "off-the-grid" titles: Risk, Scrabble and Countdown (a popular UK game show). The game, which is Denki's first title in seven years, is reportedly about a year away -- but gaming news site Square-Go got their hands on an early build of Quarrel in order to see just how these three great tastes taste together.

The main objective of the game is to gain control of territories (in Risk-esque fashion). Skirmishes between players are hashed out in a round of Countdown, where players make words out of tiles, which are assigned different point values (ala Scrabble). Further strategy includes managing the number of "quarrelers" you have stationed at a particular territory -- more quarrelers means more tiles with which to form longer, point-garnering words. A game where vocabulary, not physical prowess, dictates strength? It's a pulchritudinous dream come true!

[Via GamerBytes]

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