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Alpha 400: the crappiest netbook you'll ever hate


Looking for the ultimate in nerve-shatteringly cheap cheapo netbooks? Don't want to break the $200 price point? Introduce yourself to the Alpha 400 -- a tiny "computer" with about as much processing power as your last TI scientific calculator. The miniature laptop sports a 400MHz (megahertz!) MIPS CPU, 128MB (megabytes!) of RAM, a mind-blowing 1GB (gigabyte!) of flash storage, 802.11b (b!), a 7-inch "display," and support for SD cards up to 32GB (gigabytes!). Seriously, this thing is essentially a glorified pocket dictionary, but who are we to question its awesome $189.95 price tag? Oh wait, we're Engadget. Yeah, we don't recommend this.

[Via jkOnTheRun]

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