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Apple UK offers up iPhone 3G on O2's Pay & Go prepaid plan

Darren Murph

Maybe our circadian clock is completely busted, but six months does not "shortly" make. If you'll recall (we're asking a lot here, we know), O2 briefly led us on to believe that a prepaid iPhone 3G was just around the corner, and it has taken a full half year to finally see that come to fruition. As of now, the Apple Store UK is selling its latest handset in 8GB / 16GB flavors for £342.50 ($513) / £391.45 ($587) off contract. The iPhone 3G Pay & Go plan affords buyers 12 months of unlimited browsing and WiFi (in the UK) so long as you add a minimum of £10 after activating the handset. Flippin' finally, right?

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